The Bernese Breed is the Bomb!

A few years ago we got a new baby and we named her Greta. She is the most gorgeous dog. What makes her stand out from any animal we have ever had is her personality. If you are ever considering a dog, the Bernese Mountain dog is the sweetest most loving and loyal. I don’t think they necessarily will rip someones face off during a home invasion, but their size is enough to make you think twice.

Sitting on your lap is my favorite thing to do every single evening!

No laps, No problems! I’ll just stretch out on the couch!

Hold me like you used to. I want to feel the love we had when I weighed 5 lbs.
Is this the smile you asked for? I feel like it’s good enough, we deserve some type of snack, treat, rub, SOMETHING!
Greta 2018

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