You Gotta Try!


So, I did this thing last week and I rescued yet another wild living creature. Let’s pretend like the 4 human beings and numerous animals we already have aren’t enough to keep alive. I rescued 9, yes, I said 9 baby opossums!

Long story short, mom did not live through a traumatic trapping event and I felt the need to care for her young. I quickly fell in love with these little creatures. I am guessing through observation and what I have read these little guys are between 50-60 days old.

I am down to 2 babies to date and they have survived with me for 7 days so far. I went to our pet supplies store and bought puppy formula and I mix one teaspoon to 4 teaspoons of water into a small kitten bottle. I then use a eye dropper and feed them 2-3 droppers full at a time every 2-4 hours depending on the ferocity of their appetite.

Our local vet said they didn’t need to eat so frequently through the night. They have been making 5-6 hour stretches. Their eyes are completely open and they have their hair. These are apparently key in what I have read when it comes to survival without their mother.

They still can not regulate their own body temperature so I am using a water bottle and a rice bag to moderate their body temperate. I try to keep them the same temperature as myself throughout the day. So, as fun as this sounds, it is not! I go to lengths sometimes as wearing them inside of my shirt. Whatever it takes at this point. They both travel to work with me daily.


I hope you stick around and follow our journey on the road to survival for Polly and Peter. I will be sure to update their progress weekly!

(Picture 4-20-18)


Tomorrow the babies have been with me one week and two days. I cannot believe how much they have grown this far.

They are becoming more active and their feeding times are becoming more generous on me. They are eating anywhere between every 3-4 hours and 5-6 hours. I don’t feed them unless they are wanting their bottle of course. I never over feed and fill their tummy’s to the brim. I am still using a damp and warm towel to make them use the bathroom.

They are getting more of that course peppered hair and they clean their own coats now. They will also clean each other’s.

I am still keeping them inside of my sons winter hat during the day. I take them to work with me. I slide that down inside a purse just for them with their rice bag that is gently warmed. This is the easiest way to produce a “pouch-like” environment.

Everyone Loves A Party…….

This past weekend we had a party for my last baby. He is turning 1 on the 29th. I love having birthday parties for my kids. It’s one of those, “mom moments” I adore about being a mother. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed his theme, “Wild One”, not the movie either.

While I very much enjoyed his party, I also thought to myself several times, “why the hell do we do all of this”? It is kind of ridiculous that we go to the lengths that we do. I can remember my parents got cake and ice-cream and your few family members came over and that was a party! Where did all of this hype come from when it comes to parties? Is it social media now? So I took a mental note after decorating for an hour at a high rate of speed that I was going to slow down this party. I was going to enjoy this day.

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As a mom I don’t feel like my kids have a party unless we have a theme, cake to match the theme, an entire day dedicated to said child, & of course personalized items for the party. It is exhausting! I feel like my kids deserve it though! I want them to be happy. I want them to enjoy these moments too.

The point of all of this is the bigger picture….it doesn’t have to be an all out event. The memories will still be made, the cake will be eaten, & your child will turn another year older. We as parents need to cut ourselves a break and enjoy the moments with them instead of trying to create more moments for them.

While I did create a themed and exciting birthday this year, I took the time to enjoy more little moments and not stress over any fine details. It was such a more relaxing party. I actually got to enjoy the people there and be in the moment with my kids. I loved it and enjoyed watching Wyatt enjoy his very first birthday!


Berner Love

Recently we purchased a Bernese Mountain Dog. OMG! She is an amazing addition to our already crazy family. We love her. I cannot say enough about this breed. I have had a lot of people asking me about her. She is super smart, very trainable, great with the kids, very loving, great energy, & a people pleaser.

I always had German Shepherds growing up, due to their intelligent disposition and protective nature. Now that I am adulating and created all these humans, I realized I needed a dog to fit my family. I needed a dog I could really trust around my kids who aren’t always so “aware” of their surroundings. Greta is that dog for us. Her parents came from Sweden and we got her from a friend. So we got the pleasure of meeting both of Greta’s parents. They were amazing with my children. They were especially calm and patient with our 11 month old.

This breed of dog is unlike any other I have ever had. I have actually had a few breeds and the Berners are top notch. I hope this is helping anyone on the fence about a friendly family dog they are on the search for.

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